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In the Beginning…

This whole adventure began because my friends loved my cooking and…well, I love to cook. After years of dinner parties, Christmas confections and party hors d’oeuvres, I was finally convinced to turn my hobby (and passion) into my profession. Voila! My Chef Mel was born.

My Chef, Mel will cater to your dining needs in a number of different ways but I don’t fit the normal definition of a caterer. All foods are prepared and accompanied with easy to follow instructions for cooking and/or re-heating and serving. I even provide local delivery. All the recipes have been tested before I offer them for sale. Favorites remain on the menu but there’s always something new and, usually, out of the ordinary (my favorite during the holidays was leek/mushroom/bacon stuffing).

I hope you try one of my meals. When you do, let me know what you think…I’m always refining my recipes and looking for new ideas. Remember, when someone compliments you on that fabulous meal all you have to say is, "My chef Mel did it."

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